City Of Tallahassee Employees Build Homes For Residents

Jul 18, 2018

Habitat For Humanity Home
Credit AnnMarie Welser / wfsu news

Three Tallahassee residents received keys to their new homes Tuesday. This was part of the Big Bend Habitat for Humanity’s newest projects and highlights the city’s efforts to grow more affordable housing.



“This is my first home,” Yolanda Lemon, one of the three new homeowners, thanks the Big Bend Habitat for Humanity.  


“I’m so excited, I’m so excited," Lemon smiles, "I’m ready to move in I got these keys right here. I’m ready.”


The homes were built through 2,000 hours of work by volunteers from the city.


Reese Goad, Interim City Manager, says he’s proud of the work they did.

“It’s something we’re really proud of that we’ve been able to help, you know, add some kindness to our community," Goad says, "and lend a helping hand where we can.”


Big Bend Habitat for Humanity provides affordable homeownership to low-income residents, and the city has affordable housing at the top of it’s priority list, Goad says.


“The city commission adopted an inclusionary housing ordinance several years ago which requires new developments of a certain size to add affordable housing intermixed with it’s inventory," Goad explains, "so you can have families and it’s not exclusive to where everyone  wouldn’t have access to it.”

The city commission pledged half a million dollars this year to address affordable housing.


Leon county ranks among the 10 worst counties in Florida with severe housing issues.