City Approves Utility Credit Programs for Businesses

Jun 13, 2012

Tallahassee businesses can now receive utility credits for participating in two new hi-tech programs aimed at harnessing excess electrical power. The Tallahassee City Commission approved the plans on Wednesday.

The plans give credits to businesses for allowing the city to remotely control their energy use—say, raising or lowering thermostat temperatures— and to run their generators during off-peak times. Reese Goad, of Utility Business and Customer services, said customers and the city should benefit from the plans.

“These things we put in place to grow our economy and ultimately fit into the greater good of making sure we use the assets that we have today in place as efficiently as we can," he said.

The Commission is also considering a reduced utility rate for the top energy users in the city, like big box stores and IT companies. A public hearing on the so-called 'economic development rate' is scheduled at City Hall on June 27.