Capital Road Construction Will Continue, Unhindered By Special Session

May 26, 2015

Have you noticed a lot of orange cones along the road this summer? That’s because the city of Tallahassee plans its road construction projects after the departure of college students who leave on summer break and with the end of the Legislative Session. But officials aren’t changing their plans for the special session starting in June.

Credit Duresny Nemorin / WFSU News

By now, many Tallahassee locals are familiar with the construction project on FAMU Way, which has cut its way across Wahnish and now sits half a block from Railroad Square. While the project is planned to continue into 2016, City Communications Director Michelle Bono says the students returning in the fall will have something to look forward to.

“One of the dictates we have on FAMU Way is to create one of the most beautiful roadways in Tallahassee, so in addition to the road, there’s a linear park that runs next to it. It’s just exquisite. So, we’re looking forward to being able to open the first part of that this fall,” Bono says.

In addition to FAMU Way, a sewer construction project on Bronough is also planned for this summer, following the exodus of college students and legislators. But projects are planned far in advance. Gabriel Menendez, Tallahassee’s Director of Public Works, says that means construction can’t be stopped to make way for the special session.

“There’s so much coordination that has to go on ahead of time in scheduling of folks, that when special session occurs, we just have to bite the bullet and proceed,” Menendez says.

This means traffic will also have its own bullet to bite until the job gets done. Construction on Bronough, at least, is expected to be finished by the end of summer.