Capital Report: 09-07-2018

Sep 7, 2018

Just over a week after winning their respective races for governor, Republican Ron DeSantis and Democrat Andrew Gillum announced their running mates.  As Brenden Byrne from member station WMFE in Orlando reports, the selection for DeSantis is state lawmaker Janet Nunez and for Gillum, it’s his former gubernatorial opponent, Orlando businessman Chris King.

Meanwhile, Florida Public Radio’s Sascha Cordner spoke to University of Central Florida Political Scientist Aubrey Jewett to discuss the Republican and Democrat running mates, whether picking a Lieutenant Governor matters, and if the right choices were made on each ticket.

Florida voters have clear choices among the major party candidates for governor.  Conservative Republican Ron DeSantis and Progressive Democrat Andrew Gillum couldn’t be more different in their ideologies. And that could leave a large swath of voters scratching their heads in November.  Gina Jordan has more about the tough decision ahead for moderates.

Florida’s Commission on Ethics is investigating a complaint filed against Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum. It calls for a look into two trips Gillum took with lobbyists in 2016, and prompted his campaign to release receipts to show a paper trail. Ryan Dailey reports the Democratic gubernatorial candidate’s attorney isn’t optimistic about the matter being resolved before the general election.

The Constitution Revision Commission wanted to give voters a break in the voting booth by shortening the length of the ballot. But to do so they bundled several of their proposal combining multiple issues into one proposal. Now activists say that violates the rights of voters. As Regan McCarthy reports the issue is expected to go before the Florida Supreme Court.