Capital Report: 03-20-2019

Mar 20, 2019

A House proposal would fine local governments and law enforcement agencies for not cooperating with federal immigration enforcement. As Blaise Gainey reports immigrant advocates say the bill is overbearing and goes too far.

A bill moving through the Florida House would make changes to the work requirements for people who receive public assistance. The bill’s Republican sponsor says the goal is to ensure children aren’t punished for their parents’ actions. But Democrats say the devil is in the details. Regan McCarthy has more….

The Florida House of Representatives has rolled out its proposed K-12 education budget for the coming fiscal year. Ryan Dailey spoke with Florida Education Association president Fedrick Ingram, who says the House should follow the Senate’s lead with respect to a funding proposal.

It’s been months since Hurricane Michael struck the Panhandle, carving a swatch of damage from the Gulf to the Georgia State Line. Recovery is expected to take years, even a decade or more and schools are feeling the pressure. Bay County Superintendent Bill Husfelt recently spoke before the state board of education, outlining some of the problems that have cropped up in the wake of the storm.

Finally tonight,    A bill requiring minors to get a parent’s consent for abortions passed a House committee this week.  Gina Jordan reports the debate was mostly civil, but some audience members had to be escorted out.