Capital Report: 03-10-2015

Mar 10, 2015

The Florida Cabinet squared off again Tuesday on the issue of reviewing and replacing agency leaders.  Nick Evans reports much of Governor Rick Scott’s plan was either thrown out or put off to a later date. 

Several Florida lawmakers insist a supplement called Kratom (CRAY-tim) should be classified as a schedule one drug. But Regan McCarthy reports others argue there’s not enough proof the drug is harmful and worry one more illegal substance could mean a whole bunch more people headed for jail.

Fallout from the appointment of Florida State University President John Thrasher continued today (Tuesday) as a house panel voted to take the academic recruiting process behind closed doors.  As Jim Ash reports, Democrats, FSU faculty and open governments are strongly opposed to making the process secret.

Two proposed policy changes to the Florida’s Bright Futures Scholarship passed unanimously. Matthew Seeger breaks down those changes to the lottery-funded program.