Capital Report: 02-07-2018

Feb 7, 2018

Florida lawmakers want to restrict an abortion procedure that’s typically done in the second trimester. Judges in other states have struck down similar laws as unconstitutional. But Kate Payne reports legal concerns are not slowing the bill down. A note to our listeners, this story may be distressing to some.

Lynn Hatter was following the opening arguments today as the Florida Supreme Court considered a challenge to the state’s anti-hazing law.

As more and more bike sharing companies pop up around Florida, Regan McCarthy reports the state’s lawmakers are looking into how to best regulate the businesses.

Will a descendant of a Confederate soldier be willing to agenda a controversial bill that’s next heading to his Florida Senate committee? As Sascha Cordner reports, the measure would get rid of certain holidays on the Florida books, which includes Confederate Memorial Day.

The Capital Tiger Bay Club hosted controversial political consultant Roger Stone this week. In classic Stone fashion, the former lobbyist held nothing back, and expressed his views on everything Trump and Russia related, as Andrew Quintana reports.

Tom Flanigan reports on two former Florida members of Congress who, although they belong to different political parties, are determined to help heal the nation’s partisan divide.