Capital Report: 02-06-2015

Feb 6, 2015

In the coming weeks, a Senate panel is slated to take up a comprehensive prison reform proposal aimed at fixing Florida’s troubled prison system. Sascha Cordner is digging into what the overall prison reform package could look like.

Lawmakers set sail this week on a long, complicated journey to rewrite the state’s water policy. As Jim Ash reports, clouds are building as some passengers wonder who’s captaining the ship.

A bi-partisan group of Florida lawmakers in the House and Senate say they’re feeling good about the chances for telemedicine in the state. More and more physicians  are using video conferencing to see patients remotely is increasing, and lawmakers and healthcare providers say it’s time the state caught up to the technology. Lynn Hatter reports

Senators are issuing a stern warning to the state’s beer distributors: check your opposition at the door.  Nick Evans reports lawmakers seem determined to settle ongoing disputes between the craft brewing and distribution industries.

A dispute over utility territories has sparks flying as Indian River County works to push Vero Beach’s service back across city lines. Meanwhile, Regan McCarthy reports, stake holders are engaged in an energetic debate over a bill that could impact municipally owned utilities across the state.

You might think that, when it comes to foster kids in Florida, the state’s Department of Children and Families has the day-to-day job of looking out for them.  Tom Flanigan reports that agency actually depends on a statewide network of contractors to do the heavy lifting.

And Finally tonight: Unemployment rates among disabled Floridians are high. The latest polls show that about 75 percent aren’t employed, and As Matthew Seeger reports, Florida lawmakers are taking steps to improve employment outcomes.