Capital Report: 01-29-2018

Jan 29, 2018

About five million dollars separates the Florida House and Senate’s criminal justice budget. But, as Sascha Cordner reports, while there are some differences, there are areas where both chambers agree.

Home rule is a growing subject of debate in the state of Florida as local government leaders fight against preemption and a House many say is particularly aggressive in its efforts to dismantle local rules that it sees as crossing the line. Now as Regan McCarthy reports the issue is before the state’s constitution revision commission.

Florida State University is rolling back portions of a ban on Greek life after the hazing-related death of a student. Kate Payne reports fraternities and sororities will now have to meet stricter rules to stay on campus.

The Florida legislature is considering legislation that would stop public college and universities from having dedicated “free speech zones”. But Lynn Hatter reports while many lawmakers say they agree with that, they’re also split over penalties in the bill that could result in students being fined for protesting speech they may not agree with.

Children removed from their parents due to alleged abuse or neglect would have the rights to have a lawyer under a measure before the Florida Constitution Revision Commission. Davondra Alston (Day-Vondra-Jra All-Stun) reports some worry that could do more harm than good.

For many parents, no stone is left unturned when preparing to have a child. There are books, classes, and blogs to prepare both mother and father for almost anything.  But, there is an often overlooked condition mothers may have once their child is born, and a bill in the Florida Senate looks to shed some light on this, as Andrew Quintana reports.