Capital Report: 01-23-2018

Jan 23, 2018

This November Floridians will decide whether felons should get their voting rights back. After activists gathered over one million petitions, the constitutional amendment has qualified for the 2018 ballot. Kate Payne reports.

The Florida Constitution Revision Commission convenes every twenty years to review proposals to the state constitution. This go-around, the commission began with nearly 900 filed proposals. A proposed bill of rights for nursing home residents has proven contentious, as Sara Hetherington (heather–ing–ton) reports.

In the wake of recent fatal railroad accidents, Florida lawmakers are looking to impose stricter regulations on high speed rail. Shawn Mulcahy (mul-KAY-hee) reports the bill is moving through the Senate.

Would prominently posting the official Florida state motto “In God We Trust” improve classroom behavior and school performance?  Some members of the state Legislature insist it would and their bill to require that motto to be visible in public schools is now moving ahead at the Capitol.  Sascha Cordner reports.

You may have heard beer goggles make people more likely to pick someone up in a bar they might otherwise pass on. Well, as it turn out, beer glasses make restauranteurs more likely to pick up a beer brand. That’s according to Florida craft brewers and distributors. Regan McCarthy has more...

Each Legislative Session is a seemingly endless series of special “days” meant to make legislators more kindly disposed toward various issues. Tom Flanigan reports many sustainable energy and environmental advocates will have their special Capitol day on the 31st of this month.