Capital Report: 01-20-2012

Jan 20, 2012

Capital Report Rundown - Friday

The House Redistricting Committee is moving closer to choosing new congressional and state house maps. James Call reports Friday, lawmakers held a three hour workshop on proposals and the committee chairman says he intends to bring a plan to the full House in two weeks.


To privatize or not to privatize, that’s the question up for discussion in the Florida Legislature this week.  And it will continue in the coming weeks. The Senate has already filed a couple of bills, and as Sascha Cordner reports, a House Budget committee is now looking into the feasibility of the massive prison privatization effort.


Over the last few years Florida has sought to increase accountability on its public schools. Just last year, legislators approved a new law that basis how much a teacher is paid on how well their students perform in the classroom. But public school officials have long complained that they aren’t the only factor to a student’s success. They say they need help from parents. As Lynn Hatter reports, at least two lawmakers agree with that statement, and have filed bills that put the spotlight on parents.


Children waiting at the bus stop might soon be the target of advertising as yellow school buses plastered with ads from dairy queen, websites or even the local plumber pull up to the curb to take them to school. A bill making its way through the legislature would let public schools sell ad spots on the sides of their buses. The idea behind the measure is to provide schools with another avenue for generating revenue, but Regan McCarthy reports some worry about the message those ads might send to children.