Capital Report: 01-17-2018

Jan 17, 2018

Florida lawmakers want to tighten the rules for low-income families getting cash assistance. Kate Payne reports a bill moving in the House would withhold benefits longer for those who don’t meet work requirements.

Florida’s public community and state colleges could become their own system, and move from under the authority of the state board of education. But with that newfound independence would come strict caps on the number of students that can enroll in bachelor’s degree programs at those schools, and make it harder for community and state colleges to establish such programs. Lynn Hatter has more.

Two Democratic Lawmakers are hoping Florida gets involved in a movement that would change the way Floridians vote for the President. Sascha Cordner reports.

After the destructive repercussions Hurricane Irma had on Florida’s elderly residents, a new bill looks to address the key issue as to why they were so negatively affected, as Andrew Quintana reports.

A bill that would ban the use of steroids in racing greyhounds is moving in the Florida legislature. But as the conversation gets mixed up in issues such as the state’s drug testing standards and whether greyhound racing should continue at all, Regan McCarthy reports advocates are worried the measure could get bogged down.

Tom Flanigan speaks again with noted Florida Republican Strategist Rick Wilson on how electoral year politics might impact this year’s lawmaking session.