Candidates For Tallahassee Commission Seat 3 Share Their Platforms

Jul 12, 2018

Capital Tiger Bay Club Meeting Tallahassee Commission Seat 3 Forum
Credit AnnMarie Welser / wfsu news

Candidates for City of Tallahassee Commission seat 3 discussed government funding, crime solutions and other key topics.


Bill Shack, Lisa Brown, Richard Garzola, Jeremy Matlow and Alexander Jordan are competing for the seat and although they have different platforms, each candidate sees a need for change.

“We are at a crossroads," Shack explains, "and the crossroads is we’ve been electing the same officers over and over again and it’s time for some new leadership on the city commission.”

Shack not only thinks it’s time for change in city leadership but also a change in how the city combats crime.


“We need to support our police," Shack states, "Our community needs to get behind our police officers and the other thing is we need to actually support our police with funds.”

Lisa Brown says she thinks community improvement will help reduce crime.


“I think that the CRA (Community Redevlopment Agency) could be used to address crime issues, installing sidewalks, installing street lights," Brown continues, "Look crime doesn’t happen in the light, it happens in the dark.”

Meanwhile, Richard Garzola says he’d like to see that development focus on the city’s southside.


“In regards to the community center and the South side, anything that benefits our community and can further and accelerate that development and gives that community feeling," Garzola states, "because at the end of the day I like to say there’s a difference between a house and a home.”

Another talking point focused on government consolidation. The Tallahassee Chamber of Commerce has pushed the issue and has covered a workgroup to study whether consolidation is viable in Leon county.  

Alexander Jordan states community engagement is essential in this decision.

“We have to understand what the people want in our community identify some of the pros and cons that’s gonna allow us to move forward within a five ten fifteen year plan,” says Jordan.


Each candidate was open to exploring the idea of consolidation in some form.

“We’ve functionally consolidated a lot of departments, our planning department worked well together," Jeremy Matlow states, "I think the easy step is to look how we can work together better.”  


All candidates agreed collaboration between the community and the government is key.