Candidates Court the Frenchtown Vote

Jul 9, 2018

On Saturday, July 7, the Frenchtown Farmers' Market had fresh produce, handicrafts, and lots of hometown politics. Candidates showed up for every local race on the upcoming ballot.

Tallahassee Mayoral Candidate John Dailey speaks during Saturday's Frenchtown forum.
Credit Tom Flanigan

"We need collaboration. We need support. We need to work together as a community!" "In Tallahassee, it's not radical to say that we can bridge our economic divide and provide affordable housing."

That was a sample of the speech points made by the more than one dozen hopefuls for city and county commissions, along with school board and judicial candidates. Among those hearing those pitches at Saturday's market was resident Richard Dusenbury. He's just published a stinging history and critique of how local government has shortchanged the area over the years. He thinks political candidates' attention to the community is long overdue.

"We've been so neglected in Frenchtown. I don't think the candidates understand very much about the neighborhood," he said, adding the great fear of many residents, that outside development will keep encroaching on the historic neighborhood.