Bond Health Center Hosts Rally for Universal Healthcare

Tallahassee, FL – Wednesday's rally at Bond Community Health Center brought many Leon County organizations together. Barbara DeVane is secretary of the Florida Alliance for Retired Americans. She is an avid supporter of the bill.

Another supporter is Rabbi Jack Romberg, of Temple Israel, and a member of the Tallahassee Equality Action Ministry.

Deuteronomy justice, justice we shall pursue everyone deserves justice- is it just that only the wealthiest can afford healthcare? Is it just that we have the highest rate of infant mortality of all western nations not only is it not just, it is immoral

County Commissioner Cliff Thaell agrees with Romberg and DeVane. He says that federal action is needed because a local healthcare initiative failed.

last year a Leon County initiative failed at the ballot with 60% vetoing it based on the insurance/republican interests that are fighting hr-676 at the national level

But even DeVane admits that a universal health care bill is bound to face some trouble. She hopes that people will be willing to make some sacrifices

Why does anyone need to have millions of dollars to live on when some people cant feed and cloth people are working 2-3 jobs and have no health care that is un-American..

For WFSU-FM, I'm Lynn Hatter.