Boating Accidents On The Rise

May 18, 2018

Wearing a life jacket is one way the FWC says boaters can stay safe in the event of an accident.
Credit Tim Donovan / FWC's Flickr

The number of boating accidents in Florida has been on the rise since 2016.

Officials hope Safe Boating Week will ensure boaters take necessary safety precautions while out on the water. According to Lieutenant Seth Wagner—the assistant boating safety coordinator for the Florida Wildlife Conservation Commission—doing so is especially important given the popularity of boating in Florida. Regarding the newly released accident statistics, Wagner had this to say: 

“It’s not always good to be number one. Unfortunately, because of the amount of water we have, the long boating season that we have, and the number of boats out on the waters, we are always the leader in the number of accidents. We’re not always number one as compared to the number of boats that may be out on the water and that kind of thing; what are numbers when you’re talking about the value of somebody’s life?”

The FWC urges boaters to wear life jackets and pay attention while out on the water. Wagner stresses people should enjoy their time on the water, but always in a safe manner.