Bills Filed Tracking Florida's 'Use Of Deadly Force' Incidents

Feb 26, 2015

Sen. Dwight Bullard (left) and Rep. Bruce Antone (right) filed similar bills requiring the tracking of "use of deadly force" incidents.

Two Florida lawmakers have filed bills looking to track statistics on “use of deadly force” incidents.

Sen. Dwight Bullard (D-Miami) says he knows of several “use of deadly force” incidents in Florida, including ones at correctional facilities.

“Very high profile cases of inmates that have for all intense and purposes have been murdered, while in the custody of our state Department of Corrections. Mr. Darren Rainey, whose skin was scalded, to the point where he died,” said Bullard, last month at a press conference.

But, Bullard says it’s not something that’s tracked by any agency in Florida. So, his bill requires the Florida Department of Law Enforcement create a database tracking those stats for law enforcement and correctional officers—to avoid the current situation.

“It’s the proverbial fox guarding the henhouse scenario,” added Bullard. “Too often, we sort of see this blue wall of silence step into place in terms of misrepresentations of numbers and skewing of numbers. And, so, we’re asking not to be judgmental of these law enforcement agencies, but to really address these issues of concern.”

Meanwhile, Rep. Bruce Antone (D-Orlando) filed a similar bill in the House.

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