Bill To Increase Penalty For Killing Police Canine Advances

Mar 7, 2019

In this Feb. 21, 2019 photo made available by Fresh Take Florida, Gainesville Police Department Officer Edward Ratliff pets his K-9 Ace after a successful training session in Gainesville, Fla. A Florida bill would increase the penalty for intentionally hurting or killing police, fire or search-and-rescue dogs and horses.
Credit Cat Gloria/Fresh Take Florida / AP

All dogs go to heaven, but those who cause that trip may face steeper penalties if a house proposal becomes law.

Nearly 100 police dogs have been killed in the U.S. in the last four years. To combat that Auburndale house Republican Josie Tomkow is trying to make the punishment harsher.

"Currently harming or killing a police fire or search and rescue canine or police horse is a 3rd degree felony, this bill makes harming or killing police, fire, search and rescue dogs a 2nd degree felony. This is a great bill and I would appreciate your support," said Tomkow.

She got all the support, with the bill passing unanimously. The bill has one more committee stop and a similar measure in the senate is scheduled for its second hearing next week.