Big Bend Residents Warned Of Counterfeit Money Circulating Throughout Businesses

Oct 1, 2013

Big Bend-area residents should be on the lookout for counterfeit bills that have been circulating at local businesses throughout the region—Dollar General stores have been particularly hard-hit.

Counterfeit bills have been passed in Leon, Liberty, and Franklin counties. Wakulla County Sheriff’s office spokesman Keith Blackmar says since August, the counterfeit currency has also been in his area, too.

“Well, we’ve had some reports in the region about individuals going into businesses and passing these bleached bills and we’ve had a couple of cases here and so we wanted to make sure we got the word out to the community to be cognizant of this possibility,” said Blackmar.

Blackmar says the scammers are defacing low-value currency and passing those bills off as much more.

“Somebody may be passing a bill that’s $5 or $10 and tries to pass them as $50 or $100 bills,” he added.

Blackmar says anyone—resident or business owner—who suspects they may be in possession of a counterfeit bill should contact the Wakulla County Sheriff’s office immediately. Sheriff’s deputies say they suspect a pair of people may be defacing bills in the area and they’re working with the U.S. Secret Service to learn more.

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