Appeals Court Blocks Maddox From Taking Office Pending Review Of Residency

Nov 21, 2016

Credit Scott Maddox twitter account

A district court ruling Sunday has barred Scott Maddox from being sworn into the City Commission until a residency dispute is settled.

Real estate owner and city commission critic Irwin Jackson has maintained Maddox doesn’t live in the district he represents, and he’s challenged Maddox’s residency in court. Maddox owns a house outside the district, but his office and another residence, are inside the lines.

“For the past four years, Scott Maddox has told us when this issue came up, well I don’t live here in this big, nice house, I live in this office building," Jackson said in September as he announced his lawsuit against Maddox.

The ruling by the First District Court of Appeal is the third time Jackson has gotten a ruling in his favor. The court overturned a lower court ruling favoring Maddox, and it previously took the case away from the City Commission.


*Clarification:  A city code adopted in 1996 allows Maddox to continue serving on the City Commission until the residency dispute is settled.