All That Sunshine But Little Solar Power; Lack of Incentives May Be To Blame

Feb 7, 2013

One solar power company wants to make the most of the sunshine in the sunshine state. Plans to build a 70 megawatt power plant are currently underway in North Florida. But the company, HERO solar, is facing an uphill battle with little support from the state government.

The Hamilton County gave HERO solar a $350,000 grant and the company is investing nearly a million of its own dollars to turn the 450 acre solar power plant into reality. But the company’s managing director Jack Levine says bringing clean energy to Florida is difficult without the state-wide renewable energy incentives seen in other states.

“Sometimes Florida has not moved as quickly as other states in new areas, I believe we’re going to get there. Hopefully now, we’re a little more stable coming into this year and I think we can proceed ahead and we’re looking forward to continue working with the Legislature and the Governor to make this a reality.” Levine says.

Over 20 states currently have renewable energy incentives. As of now, HERO Solar is clearing its land for construction to start in the Fall.