AHCA Formally Requests Extension Of LIP Using Senate Plan

Apr 21, 2015

Florida’s Healthcare Agency has formally submitted a plan to extend a $2 billion program that reimburses hospitals treating low-income patients. The state has submitted the Senate’s plan reforming the low-income pool to the federal government.

During a recent hearing, Republican Senator Don Gaetz pressed Agency for Healthcare Administration Secretary Dudek about the LIP funding negotiations.

“What if the Senate didn’t have a plan? What if we were like the House? Then you would have no cards to play," Gaetz said.

The federal government has raised concerns about transparency in the program and the way funding is distributed to hospitals. It’s also tied an extension of funding to whether the state’ expands Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act. The House is opposed to that and Governor Rick Scott has threatened to sue. 

The unusual four-way difference of opinion on the critical LIP funding and Medicaid expansion has caused a budget stalemate in the legislature.