Ag Commissioner Putnam Talks What He'd Like To See In Upcoming Budget

May 6, 2015

Florida Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam speaking to reporters, following Tuesday's Cabinet meeting.
Credit Florida Channel

Florida Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam is weighing in on what he’d like to see in the budget when the Legislature comes back to Tallahassee for a special session on the spending plan.

Following Tuesday’s Cabinet meeting, Putnam said he’s hopeful state lawmakers will work to clear up the budget stalemate and make sure there’s enough money for conservation efforts.

“The constitutional guidance per Amendment 1 on conservation funding is reasonably clear in that it directs somewhere around $700 million into conservation-related projects,” said Putnam. “And, so I’m hopeful when they do return and complete their work on the budget, that we’ll see more money for rural and family lands, you’ll see some allocations for water quality and water quantity, as well as completing wildlife corridors and a number of conservation issues.”

He says he also hopes lawmakers follows through on other budget requests, including more funding for programs through the Florida Forest Service dealing with spring sheds, reforestation, and wildlife habitats.

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