AG Bondi Responds To Outcry Over Gay Marriage Suit Filing

Jun 3, 2014

Bondi is calling the response to her brief, like this image from LGBT advocacy group Equality Florida, "hurtful, designed to inflame, and insulting to everyone involved."
Credit Equality Florida

Florida State Attorney General Pam Bondi is addressing criticism after she filed a brief asking a judge to dismiss a gay marriage lawsuit. Bondi has released a statement calling the public outcry hurtful and insulting.

In the federal suit, eight same-sex couples are seeking recognition of marriages performed legally in other states. In Bondi’s filing last week, she said recognizing those marriages, in violation of the state constitution, would "impose significant public harm."

Since then, LGBT advocates have blasted Bondi in the national media—several include personal attacks for her being divorced.

On Tuesday, Bondi issued a response, saying her defense of the same-sex union ban is to protect the will of the voters who put it in the constitution six years ago. In Bondi’s words: “When I defend the voters' decisions with professionalism and civility, I'm simply doing my job because my job is not to write the law, but to defend it.”