Advocates Want More Greyhound Protections

Jun 3, 2015

A new law makes it riskier to drug racing animals. But greyhound advocates are complaining that the Legislature failed to pass meaningful protections.

Tough protections for greyhounds failed to pass when the Legislature couldn't agree over health care reforms.

A non-controversial bill just signed by Governor Rick Scott deals mostly with horse racing.  It’s a disappointing finish for advocates who built support for strong greyhound protections, says Grey2K co-founder Cary Theil.

“The frustrating thing is, getting from that point to getting a bill on the governor’s desk is still a heavy lift.”

Two greyhound measures died when the session blew up over health care reforms. One bill would have required stricter dog injury reporting. Another allowed dog tracks to hold card games without dog racing.

Neither of the bills are on this week’s special session agenda.