Activist Groups And Former Mayor Put Support Behind Andrew Gillum

Sep 13, 2018

Former Mayor Dot Inman-Johnson speaks to Gillum supporters.
Credit Eleanor Clark / WFSU

A former Tallahassee mayor joined activist groups Thursday to support democratic gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum.

Former Tallahassee mayor Dot Inman-Johnson spoke Thursday during a press conference at the Governor’s Mansion. Also in attendance were the groups Planned Parenthood and Moms Demand Action. Inman-Johnson hopes as governor, Gillum would stand against polluters, offshore drilling, and the NRA.

“He is so sincere, so genuine, so intelligent, and so tough and strong on issues that progressives and democrats believe in. And he does try to slide away when the tough battles come up, he steps toward them," she said.

Inman-Johnson thinks the key to Gillum’s success in November will be getting more minorities and young voters out to the polls.