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Florida lawmakers return to Tallahassee March 2 with one main goal: pass a budget for the upcoming fiscal year. But that's being done in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, and it's cut a more than $2 billion hole in the state's finances. It's also strained education, healthcare, money for the economy and other areas, thus influencing how lawmakers will make decisions on issues tangentially related to the budget.

Find out what's on the minds of lawmakers as they grapple with the budgetary and policy fallout from COVID-19 in this top issues guide from WFSU News.
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  • COVID came into the home of yours truly at the tail end of 2020. We can only guess how it happened. We’ve been mostly socially distant, wearing face masks, and living our lives. One family member was in the hospital for almost a week, and visitors aren’t allowed on the COVID floor. We kick off Season 2 with two nurses: one says taking care of your health is better than any mask, and the other cares for critically ill COVID patients.

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