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NPRedchat Tweet: Failing Schools Risky For Kids


Now, we turn, once again, to Sarah Gonzalez, a reporter for StateImpact Florida. She's following the education conversation on Twitter at hashtag NPREdChat. Sarah, what do you have for us now?

SARAH GONZALEZ: OK. So folks are still talking about equitable school funding for all. Ravitch mentioned how testing isn't going to close the achievement gap, but highlight it and C. Durkin-Robinson(ph) tweeted out, who wants to put their kids in failing schools with the hope that they'll improve? A school counselor also said, all our students, regardless of socioeconomic status, deserve outstanding educators.

MARTIN: Sarah Gonzalez is a reporter for StateImpact Florida. We'll be checking back in with her once again during our broadcast, to hear more tweets. Thanks, Sarah.

GONZALEZ: Thank you.

MARTIN: After a short break, our Twitter Education Forum will continue with Salman Kahn. He is the founder of the popular online teaching tool, the Kahn Academy. Please stay with us on TELL ME MORE from NPR News, our special broadcast of WLRN in Miami. I'm Michel Martin.

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