Word of the South

Tom Flanigan

Saturday was postcard-perfect, while much of Sunday was a monsoon. But those who attended, performed at, or organized the weekend's 4th Annual Word of South Festival at Tallahassee's Cascades Park were declaring victory in the wake of the event.


Tallahassee's 4th Annual Word of South Festival will happen in mid-April. The yearly celebration of literature and music has announced the headliner act that will appear on the Cascades Park stage.

Tom Flanigan

Perfect weather and a top-talent lineup kept Tallahassee's Cascades Park nearly filled to overflowing all weekend for the Word of South Festival of Literature and Music.

Mary Dekle

Even though the weekend rains forced some musical headliners to move up the street to The Moon, the first-ever Word of South Festival still attracted thousands of people to Cascades Park and beyond.
While raindrops fell outside, the kids inside the park's Meridian Building were being entertained by the stories of Ramona King.