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Three women surround a small food pantry
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In an effort to help those who struggle with food insecurity the latest Leadership Tallahassee class has created what it calls “Little Free Food Pantries.” Kevin Forsthoefel is a member of the group.

Congressman Dunn Visits, Talks Washington Climate

Aug 2, 2017
Rep. Neal Dunn (R-FL2)
Neal Dunn Campaign

Florida Congressman Neal Dunn (R-Panama City) visited Tallahassee Wednesday to speak with a group of Republicans about the political climate in Washington.

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The online food delivery service UberEATS is coming to Tallahassee Thursday. That’s a spin off from the popular ride-sharing company. Beginning at 11 am, customers will be able to summon meals from local restaurants at the touch of a button. 

The numbers are in and organizers say a recent driver’s license restoration clinic at the Leon County Courthouse Annex was a resounding success.

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For many young girls its hard navigating middle and high school. There’s cafeteria politics coupled with changing relationships among friends and family. It’s also a time for body changes, and  one group of young women say with all they have going on, the last thing they want to deal with is a dress code.

Gulf Red Snapper In Jeopardy Of Overfishing, Says Pew

Jul 31, 2017
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The Pew Charitable Trusts believes a federal decision extending recreational fishing of the Gulf red snapper could lead to overfishing this year, and the organization has the numbers to prove it.

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Franklin County residents have at least two opportunities to make their regular trash cans bear-proof, thanks to a grant. Florida wildlife officials are looking to add hardware to help reduce human-bear conflicts in the area.

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Drivers should be careful as they drive through the Leon County area Monday and Tuesday. A prescribed burn of the Apalachicola National Forest could leave the area a bit smoky.

Garbage Juice Still Stinking Up A Fight In Jackson Co

Jul 28, 2017
Wikimedia Commons

An injection well proposed for Jackson County is awaiting approval by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, but push back from the local community is growing stronger.

Leon County Supervisor of Elections office.

A relative handful of Leon County voters are canceling their registration and joining a national backlash against a presidential commission on voter fraud. But Elections Supervisor Mark Earley says at least he's changed a few minds.

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Tuesday marks the start of World Breastfeeding Week, and a number of Panhandle county health departments are marking the week with several events.


Okaloosa County Health Department received a national award for best practices in working to prevent HIV infections.

Okaloosa County Lake To Be Restored

Jul 27, 2017
Florida Memory / Florida Department of State

Okaloosa County’s Karick Lake is getting a makeover. The lake is currently going through a complete drain, which will allow fish habitats to improve.

Florida Sheriffs Association

A Panhandle sheriff is now the new President of the Florida Sheriffs Association.

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The largest statewide organization for LGBTQ equality in Florida issued a response to President Donald Trump’s decision to ban transgender service members.

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Conservationists are raising concerns about how the Lake Talquin dam is impacting wildlife. The comments come as federal regulators are reviewing the future of the hydroelectric plant there.

Tom Flanigan

A legendary Tallahassee band re-unites next week. As the group’s leader explained, the idea is to transport its fans back to the “golden age” of the West Tennessee Street Strip.

Tallahassee Rocks: Spreading Joy One Rock At A Time

Jul 25, 2017
Spencer Parlier

A local philanthropic group is spreading a unique message through art. “Tallahassee Rocks” is a group of artists focused on the refreshing nature of encouragement through the medium of rocks. 

Tom Flanigan

Tallahassee's Frenchtown Market is growing into much more than just a place to buy locally-sourced produce. Tom Flanigan reports the twice-weekly bazaar is also hosting special events and classes.

Tom Flanigan

It lasted just a few hours, but Tallahassee's newest downtown business was really packing in the customers the afternoon of Friday, July 21. The enterprise was this summer's "Girls Mean Business" camp hosted by the Oasis Center for Women and Girls.

Tallahassee's 4th Annual Word of South Festival will happen in mid-April. The yearly celebration of literature and music has announced the headliner act that will appear on the Cascades Park stage.

Leon County Commissioner Bryan Desloge is wrapping up his tenure as president of the National Association of Counties with a plea for more federal help to fight the opioid crisis.

A small town in Gadsden County is touting the outcome of a grant to improve water quality.

Tom Flanigan

With a mini-Target store planned to replace what’s there now, the exodus of tenants continues from Tallahassee’s Varsity Shopping Center on West Tennessee Street.

Tallahassee Professional Fire Fighters Facebook page

Thanks to the work of Tallahassee’s Fire Department and local unions, the city’s firefighters have secured federal funds to help local fire stations install a much-need air filter system on their trucks.