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Leon County’s lawmakers are meeting Monday to hear from voters ahead of the 2018 legislative session. Senator Bill Montford and Representatives Ramon Alexander, Loranne Ausley and Halsey Beshears are expected to be there.

A man who once terrorized the administration of Florida State University is returning to his old stomping grounds. Novelist Paul McHugh will speak before an English class at his alma mater on Friday (10/27) and give a dramatic reading of his latest work the following day at Midtown Reader.


A Florida lawmaker is filing a bill to find a way around the Electoral College. Rep. Joseph Geller (D-Aventura) wants the state to join the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact. 

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An American Idol star who went on to sing lead for the band "Quiet Riot" is visiting Tallahassee, but James Durbin is doing a lot more than just performing his music.

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The new Care Point Health and Wellness Center run by Big Bend Cares received a formal ribbon cutting on Thursday, 10/26. The facility is set to serve everyone, including the uninsured.

Suwannee Hulaween and Silver Wrapper

The small Panhandle town of Live Oak is bracing for an influx of tens of thousands of people. Live Oak, population 6,900, is the host of the annual Suwannee Hulaween music festival. The weekend-long event is known for its psychedelic electronic music and art installations. 20,000 attendees flock to the woods outside of town, where the festival’s synthesizers echo across the Suwannee River. 

Leon County

The yearly “Trash Dash” in support of Sustainable Tallahassee happens this Saturday (10/28) on one of the Southeast’s best cross-country courses. Advance registration for the event is already well ahead of previous years.

The League of Women Voters of Tallahassee got an update on two local solar power programs during the group’s Wednesday (10/25) luncheon meeting. One initiative involves neighborhood solar power co-ops.


Compressed Natural Gas is making an impact on Leon County Schools, fueling district buses with compressed natural gas from Nopetro stations.  

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City and county officials are butting heads over how to respond to violent crime in Leon County. The area has seen a spate of killings recently, and it’s not clear how local governments will respond.

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Florida State University’s rural based medical program may soon have a new location. Citrus county commissioners will discuss the plan at their Tuesday meeting. 

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Part of the focus of this weekend's "Walk and Wag" fundraiser for the Leon County Humane Society was the fate of 4 special rescue dogs.

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At a time when racial tensions seem to be on the rise, Tallahassee was the scene of a weekend event to promote healing and unity among the city's African-American residents.

Trading Trash for Cash

Oct 23, 2017
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The City of Tallahassee was trading trash for a $5 credit on customers' utility bills on Saturday (10/. The twice-yearly "Cash for Trash" brings in throwaways by the ton.

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Tallahassee’s Kearney Center is the only emergency homeless shelter between Gainesville and Pensacola. But its mission has gone well beyond simply providing hot food and a place to stay for those who have nowhere else to go.

New Construction May Slow Down Your Commute

Oct 20, 2017
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Drivers might notice a slowdown on their commutes Monday as new construction gets started along FAMU Way and Market Street.

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The Leon County Board of Commissioners will get an update Tuesday on the collection of Tourist Development Taxes.


The Capital City’s 6th Annual Remembrance Dinner is Thursday, Oct. 26. The event supports the state-required Holocaust education in public schools.

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Leon County Commissioner Bill Proctor has revealed his plan for combating violent crime in his district.  He's demanding Florida’s Governor and Tallahassee’s Mayor take steps to solve the problem.

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The Five Points intersection in Midtown Tallahassee is a source of congestion and confusion for drivers. Now a local transit board is working on improving the block where 7th Avenue, Thomasville and Meridian Roads meet.

Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles

The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles is expanding access to its new Florida driver license and ID Cards. The new ID is more secure and includes anti-fraud protection. 200 more service centers will soon begin offering new IDs.

The Tallahassee ethics board will send a letter to the city commission warning about the appearance of impropriety. The decision comes after ethics board staffers conducted a limited investigation into accusations made against City Manager Rick Fernandez. Board member Bruce Grant made the motion.

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City of Tallahassee officials are urging residents to stay involved in plans to redesign Southside streets. Local government agencies are studying possible improvements for Orange Avenue, Lake Bradford and Springhill Roads, and they want residents to know the plans are still in the conceptual stages.


Motorists driving in Wakulla County should watch out for smoke, after a prescribed burning in the Apalachicola National Forest Monday.

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Sharing Tree Executive Director Carly Sinnadurai was welcoming visitors to her agency's new home Sunday (10/15) evening.