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Tallahassee commercial flights are scheduled to resume tonight.

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At least 11,000 city of Tallahassee electric customers are without power. But, as of 5 a.m., electric crews have been pulled off the road due to Irma conditions.

LIVE UPDATES: Hurricane Irma Coverage

Sep 10, 2017
Hurricane Irma approaching Anguilla from NOAA's GOES-16 satellite.

WFSU is following the path of Hurricane Irma. Check back here for regular updates.

We’d like to hear from you before, during and after the storm. If you’re in a safe place, here’s how you can reach us:

  • Call us at 850-414-1234 during our live shows
  • Reach us on Facebook or on twitter @WFSUmedia
  • Email: with your name, location and your situation.
  • Tallahassee residents, report power outages on the DigiTally app.

Latest advisory from the National Hurricane Center. Sat. 9/9/17 5 a.m. advisory
Florida Public Radio Emergency Network

The National Weather Service has issued Tropical Storm and Hurricane warnings for the Big Bend, Southwest Georgia and the Florida Panhandle. The warnings come as Hurricane Irma creeps closer to the state, preparing to make landfall somewhere in Southwest Florida.

C. Petley / Leon Co. Schools

Port St. Joe High Schooler Lauren Davis really likes computers. And while she doesn’t quite know yet what she wants to do in that field after high school, she’s pretty sure she’s on the right track. In fact, she just earned an industry certificate in Microsoft Word:

 “I’ve always wanted to do something with computers, and it just seemed like the thing to do," she said.

The race for the Leon County Commission Seat one has been heated from the start. Scott Maddox filed an ethics complaint against Steve Stewart that was later dropped, and both sides have accused the other of dirty politics. And in a joint appearance on WFSU’s Perspectives Program Thursday, the two carried on their political sparring match, with Maddox making the first dig:

To say it’s been a long, strange trip for Hal Shows is surely an imperial understatement.  His band “Persian Gulf” broke new sonic ground, first in Tallahassee and later in New York City.  As a solo artist, Shows drew fans in U.S.

LHatter / WFSU

Students at Sealey Elementary school are being encouraged to “Go For the Gold” this year as the school kicks off its annual reading campaign. More than 200 students packed the cafeteria-turned -auditorium of Sealey Elementary School Monday to hear LeVonne Idlette—a student at the Florida A&M University College of Law who competed in the 100 meter hurdles during the 2012 Olympic games in London.

Florida A&M University is continuing with efforts to educate students about the effects of hazing. Thursday the university suspended classes and held a hazing town hall meeting with a panel of experts.  The meeting coincided with the introduction of a federal bill to impose new penalties on hazing perpetrators.

LHatter / WFSU

Leon County’s newest charter school held its ribbon cutting ceremony Wednesday even though classes are already in session. Governor’s Charter Academy pulled in Governor Rick Scott and Democratic Congressional Candidate Al Lawson for the event, as the school’s supporters highlighted the often-repeated mantra of school choice.

FSU Digital Animation Program Partnership In Question

Sep 17, 2012
Palm Beach Post

A burgeoning Florida State University film program could leave both students and taxpayers shortchanged.

Feds call for FSU to pay back $3 million

Jul 25, 2012

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services wants Florida State University to pay back $3 million.

The federal agency says the university officials didn’t properly oversee the grant money to make sure that its use complied with federal regulations.

A preliminary report issued by the Department says FSU left the compliance issues up to individual colleges, departments and principal investigators.

But the university says it disagrees with that assessment and is working to resolve the differences.


By now, Leon County voters should see their August 14th primary sample ballots arriving in the mail. But this year, there is an entire section of the ballot that could leave many voters—especially Democrats at a complete loss for who to vote for. These are the party office races, and it’s a section of the ballot that’s largely overlooked and left blank.


The phrase one-of-a-kind may be over used now-a-days, but in front of WFSU's building stands a palm tree that may be a pretty good contender for that title.

"Because of where the heads are coming from, from the crown as opposed to from the soil, it makes it that much rarer, in most cases when it's a double or triple palm all the different trunks will come from the soil. It is very very unusual." says Lynn Gustafson with East Marsh Nursery in South Florida. 

Leon County Elections 2012: Races to Watch

Jul 9, 2012

As the August 14th primary nears, WFSU-FM will be giving you a chance to hear directly from the candidates on our live call-in program, Perspectives. The series of shows will run Tuesdays and Thursday from July 9th through July 31th. Here’s a complete list of the shows and their guests:

Tuesday, July 10th: Leon County Sheriff:

State releases last batch of FCAT test results

Jun 5, 2012

The  Florida Department of Education has released the final batch of results for this year's  science, math and reading tests for grades four through eight. And across every grade level and in every subject, students in Leon County performed higher than the state average.

" We’re pleased in the sense that generally we did better than we expected to do, and we did better than the state, but you know, you always want to do better,” said Paul Felsch, who heads the Leon County School District's Assessment Division.

Judge sides with Leon in Charter school case

Jun 1, 2012

An administrative law judge Friday sided with Leon County in a enrollment-related dispute with a charter-school operator. Renaissance Charter School Inc.  is building a multimillion-dollar facility in Tallahassee. It argued the Leon County School Board could not impose a March 1 enrollment deadline on the school. But the district  school board said the deadline was  needed to help plan for staffing.

Iin a 20-page ruling, Administrative Law Judge Barbara Staros said the county's insistence on the deadline does not violate state charter-school laws.

District officials say they’re doing the review to make sure their rules and regulations are in compliance with state and federal education policy, which is constantly changing. Board member Dee Crumpler says he knows the process may seem boring:

“For those that might be at home watching this, this is like watching paint dry. But it is important.”  

The early legislative session has left many Tallahassee eateries hungry for springtime customers.  Tom Flanigan reports nearly two-dozen local restaurants are offering special deals starting this Thursday to lure more diners into their establishments…

Many people in Florida’s Capital City didn’t seem to mind that state lawmakers were in town two months early because of redistricting this year.  But Visit Tallahassee head Lee Daniel says the time shift left the local hospitality industry with a bleak springtime outlook…

The well-known magazine “Southern Living” is doing a story about a Tallahassee business.  Tom Flanigan reports the feature spread should appear sometime this summer…


Vice President Joe Biden is carrying the message of making college more affordable throughout Florida this week. Monday he stopped in Tallahassee at Florida State University to talk about the rising cost of tuition—an issue that’s been front and center in state politics recently. But Lynn Hatter reports when it comes to the issue of holding down costs in higher education—some say it shouldn’t come at the cost of financial aid to students who need it the most.