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Florida Gov. candidates with their running mates [from left to right]: Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum, a Democrat, chose Orlando Businessman and former rival Chris King, while Fla. Congressman Ron DeSantis, a Republican, chose state Rep. Jeanette Nunez.
Andrew Gillum's Twitter/Ron Desantis' Twitter

Florida Democrat Andrew Gillum has conceded the governor’s race for a second time following a state- mandated recount. 

Leon County Sheriff's Office

The Leon County Sheriff’s Office is investigating an inmate’s death at its jail. Unice Emanuell Gallaway, 52, had a history of mental health issues and had been found incompetent by the County court several times.

A roofer working in Oklahoma.
FEMA photo library

The opportunity to sign up for federal aid from FEMA for Hurricane Michael damages will soon be over. The deadline to register for the Emergency Prescription Assistance Program is today.

Tom Flanigan

The so-called “missing link” of the St. Marks Trail between Tallahassee and the Gulf coast has been finished.

New Owner for Tallahassee's Rail Line

Nov 14, 2018
Tom Flanigan

The rail line that connects Tallahassee to Jacksonville and Pensacola has been for sale since January.

Epilepsy Association of the Big Bend

Despite advancements in both modern medicine and public attitudes, epilepsy still afflicts many thousands of people and remains misunderstood by millions.

Voting Stickers.
Element5 Digital / Unsplash

Leon County Supervisor of Elections, Mark Earley will give testimony Wednesday in a case filed by Democratic Senate Candidate Bill Nelson, who wants all votes to count – even those with mismatched signatures.

Tom Flanigan

The greater Tallahassee community gathered at Cascades Park the evening of Sunday, Nov. 11. The event was in tribute to the November 2nd shooting victims at Midtown's Hot Yoga studio.

Leon Supervisor of Elections Mark Earley
Leon Votes

Broward County once again has the nation’s attention amid an election process fraught with error. Amid accusations of election fraud, Leon County’s Supervisor Mark Earley says he doesn’t know what went wrong, but believes their vote-counting is happening “above board.”

Ryan Dailey / WFSU-FM

A machine recount is underway in the race for Tallahassee City Commission Seat 3. Leon County Elections Supervisor Mark Earley doesn’t expect the initial margin to narrow, which would lead to a hand recount.

Leon County Sheriff's Office

Tallahassee police gave a brief update on the ongoing investigation following yoga studio shooting in Tallahassee this month. 

Jeremy Matlow Wins City Commission Seat 3

Nov 7, 2018
Jeremy Matlow standing inside Gaines Street Pies
Robbie Gaffney / WFSU-FM

Jeremy Matlow will be one of newest members of the Tallahassee city commission. He beat his opponent Lisa Brown by half a precent. She conceded in a Facebook post Tuesday night. Matlow watched the midterm election results come in during his campaign watch party at Gaines Street Pies.

Dianne Williams-Cox
Dianne Williams-Cox's website

Dianne Williams-Cox overtook opponent Bob Lotane to win Tallahassee City Commission seat five. The seat was formerly held by Gil Ziffer. Williams-Cox pulled off the win with about 65 percent of the vote. 

Tallahassee's new mayor John Dailey stands with supporters during his election party.
Robbie Gaffney / WFSU-FM

John Dailey is Tallahassee’s new mayor, he will replace Andrew Gillum for the job.

Alva Striplin and Darryl James

The Leon County School Board will keep a familiar face but also add a new face following the election.

Neal Dunn for Congress

Rep. Neal Dunn (R) will be returning to Congress for another term. Dunn bested Bob Rackleff (D) in the race for Florida’s second congressional district.

Al Lawson
Al Lawson for Congress

Challenger Virginia Fuller (R) was no match for incumbent Rep. Al Lawson (D). Lawson won re-election in Florida’s fifth congressional district by a whopping thirty percent. 

Jade Jacobs / WFSU

Parkland High School survivors are urging their peers to vote for candidates who back stricter gun laws through the Vote for our Lives initiative.

Ryan Dailey / WFSU-FM

Leon County’s early voting turnout is more than double that of the previous midterm election. Elections Supervisor Mark Early says he is "heartened" to see people voting in such numbers.

Tom Flanigan

The yearly Tallahassee Science Festival happened on Saturday, Nov. 3. The power of human technology was on display, along with the power of nature, as exemplified by the recent hurricane.

Tom Flanigan

Sunday's (11/4)  rains didn't wash away the Second Annual Scott Campbell Feed the Community event at Lake Ella. In the midst of occasional showers, the bands played and Second Harvest of the Big Bend received lots of non-perishable food donations.

Tom Flanigan

The Friday night mass shooting at Midtown Tallahassee's Hot Yoga studio did not deter some 200 yoga practitioners from a special downtown gathering the following day, Saturday, Nov. 3.

Ryan Dailey / WFSU-FM

Florida State University students gathered by the hundreds Sunday to mourn two of their own, a student and a faculty member, killed in a shooting last week. 

Tallahassee police car
Urban Tallahassee

Two people died and five were injured in a shooting at a hot yoga studio Friday evening in Tallahassee Florida. The gunman is also dead after shooting himself.

TPD Facebook

A gunman opened fire at a hot yoga studio on Thomasville Road Friday evening. Police say the man, whose identity they have not yet released, shot six people and pistol whipped another. Of the six shot, two later died at a local hospital. Police say the gunman died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound, bringing the death toll to three total.

The shooting took place just after 5:30 in the afternoon at Hot Yoga Tallahassee. Tallahassee Police Department is still investigating whether there is a connection between the gunman and any of the victims.