waiting period

Julia Kaye speaking after the hearing.
Nick Evans

The Florida Legislature and the American Civil Liberties Union are again squaring off in a Tallahassee courtroom over a 2015 law requiring women wait 24 hours before getting an abortion.  With the measure already on hold, the judge granted the state’s request for two additional months to work on its case.

Rep. Sullivan (R-Mount Dora) receiving a standing ovation from fellow Republicans after floor debate for the abortion waiting period law in 2015.
Mark Foley via FL House website

The Florida Supreme Court is backing up a lower court’s decision to put Florida’s abortion waiting period law on hold.

Sally Falko via Flickr

Two groups are throwing their weight behind a Gainesville clinic challenging a state-mandated abortion waiting period.

Florida's First District Court of Appeals
Adam Theo

Florida is pushing ahead with new restrictions for the state’s abortion providers while earlier restrictions are locked up in court.  A 24-hour waiting period approved last year came before the First District Court of Appeals Tuesday.