While a study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The Florida Department of Health shows a high vaccination rate in Florida. Leon County health officials want to see that number reach 100 percent in time for school starting this August.

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Leon County Health officials are encouraging parents to book appointments early for back-to-school vaccines.

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Don’t forget to add vaccinations to your back-to-school-list. 

Leon County Public Schools require immunization documentation for students entering kindergarten and grade seven  next school year.  There are four free vaccination clinics available. 

The first day of school is rounding the corner as summer draws to a close with only two weeks left– Monday, Aug.18, is the big day. 

The Health Department in Leon County will hold the free, extended-hours immunization clinics at Roberts & Stevens Clinic on Old Bainbridge Road. 

Free Back-To-School Immunizations Offered In Tallahassee

Jul 15, 2013

Leon County students can get free immunizations required for school at extended-hours clinics starting tonight, July 15. Florida Department of Health nurse Ann Waltz said she encourages parents to make appointments for the clinics, which run from 4-7 p.m. on Monday evening and again on Wednesday, July 24.

“We really are trying to target parents who, perhaps because of a work schedule, are not able to come in during regular 8-to-5 hours," she said.

Seniors looking to be vaccinated for pneumonia and shingles can now get those treatments from their local pharmacist. Lynn Hatter reports Governor Rick Scott has approved a plan that enables pharmacies to administer the vaccines with a prescription.

Under the new law, Florida joins 45 other states that already allow pharmacists to administer shots for shingles and/or pneumonia.  Kevin Cate is the spokesman for Pharmacy Choice and Access Now.

On the second floor of the state Capitol building a sea of white coats swarm the halls. At different places in the lobby are tables offering bone density screenings, dermatological checks, cholesterol tabs—a mini medical center. The displays showcase some of the services that local pharmacies provide. But the agenda isn’t just to offer some free medical checkups—it’s also meant to promote an issue— getting vaccinated against potentially deadly diseases.