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Wildfire burning in Florida forest
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The 2018 prescribed burning season has contained dozens of fires across the state of Florida, and the most recent one will take place in Leon County. 


Motorists driving in Wakulla County should watch out for smoke, after a prescribed burning in the Apalachicola National Forest Monday.

Rep. Graham Lights Up For Forestry Workday

Oct 15, 2015

North Florida Congresswoman Gwen Graham held a workday with the US Forest Service Thursday. Graham aided technicians from agencies across the Panhandle in managing prescribed burns.

The Apalachicola National Forest is on fire. But its routine maintenance. A 541-acre parcel near St. Marks Trial is the spot for a prescribed burning.

The process helps to control catastrophic wildfires and reduce the fuel load. U.S. Forest Services firefighter Aaron Edwards, says without prescribed fires, homes close to the forest area will be threatened.

"Our ecosystem is very fire dependent," Edwards says. "So if it doesn’t have fire in it, it won’t be able to replenish itself.

Nick Evans

The US Forest Service is holding prescribed burns in the Apalachicola National Forest. 

Just south of Tallahassee, a team of Wakulla District rangers are using driptorches – those handheld metal canisters with a long, lit wick – to light sections of underbrush that haven’t burned since June of 2010.  Wakulla assistant fire management officer Bob Airhart said this kind of regular burning has two vital roles in forest management.