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Florida isn’t the only state that’s approved a dedicated source of funding for environmental programs. Conservation proposals totaling more than $13 billion  gained approval in other states and counties.

Florida’s Amendment One would dedicate a percentage of revenues from real estate transaction fees to fund land and water conservation projects. It could generate $700 million a year says the Trust for Public Land’s Will Abberger.

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Supporters of Florida’s proposed land-conservation amendment have gotten a fundraising boost from two matching grant programs. The Yes on 1 campaign, known as Florida's Land and Water Legacy, took in nearly $1.2 million in one week.

During the week ending Oct. 7, more than 800 people donated to Florida’s Water and Land Legacy. The nonprofit Florida Wildlife Federation offered 50 cents for every dollar donated, and an individual donor gave $1  for each dollar. Campaign manager Will Abberger says the support came at a just the right time.

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In downtown Jacksonville, across the street from City Hall, LaTara Graham solicits signatures from passers-by.

She’s a paid petition gatherer with two proposals in hand: One advocating the legalization of marijuana for medicinal use, and the other calling on the state to set aside money each year for land and water conservation:

Wednesday evening in Tallahassee, the state of Florida will ask for public input at a meeting  about a list of conservation lands it’s proposing to sell. Environmentalists are watching the so-called land “surplussing” process closely.

St. Marks River
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By the end of the month, the state of Florida will release a list of public lands it’s considering selling. This year’s state budget requires the state to sell some property before it can purchase an equally valuable amount of conservation land.