A Senate education panel has temporarily postponed a school testing overhaul bill—putting one of the two major testing proposals in jeopardy.

Rep. Manny Diaz (R-Hialeah)
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State lawmakers are pushing a plan to move testing to the end of the school year and speed up the turnaround for scores.

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Florida's opt out movement has found a supporter in House Democratic Leader Mark Pafford. He's encouraging more parents to opt-out of state standardized tests as lawmakers consider even more changes.

A teacher reads to her student. (UNDATED PHOTO).
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The debate over testing and school grades in Florida isn’t over. Senate President Andy Gardiner says several top lawmakers are looking into the issues regarding the state's reliance on its new Florida Standards Assessment.

Florida's State Board of Education
Florida Department of Education

Florida’s education board is debating how much technology is needed in the state’s public schools. The conversation comes amid ongoing problems with computer-based exams and testing concerns.

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The Florida Department of Education says some of the state’s mandated end-of-course exams won’t count toward a student’s final grade this year. The move addresses part of a new law that calls for a review of state exams.


  Update 3/3/15 9:50 a.m.:   The Florida Department of Education says it's testing administrator AIR has fixed most of the problems that caused statewide outages as students tried to take online writing exams.

Governor Rick Scott has issued an executive order suspending at least one of the state-mandated exams students have to take, and that’s just the start of Florida’s efforts to dial back its testing requirements amid public discontent.


Former Governor Jeb Bush returned to Tallahassee Tuesday, rekindling his rock-star status with Florida’s conservative Republican faithful. The likely presidential candidate highlighted his legacy as an education reformer.

Addressing a conservative education summit at Florida State University’s alumni center, Bush didn’t wait long to serve up the red meat his party base craves. He says education needs a top to bottom shakeup to protect the needs of parents and students.

 “And not so much to protect government run, unionized, politicized monopolies.”