Tele-health Bill Passes House Subcommittee

Feb 15, 2017
COD Newsroom

Under a tele-health bill approved by the House Subcommittee on Health Quality, advanced registered nurse practitioners would be able to practice independently of doctors. The measure is raising some concerns.

Rep. Travis Cummings (R-Orange Park) and Rep. Mia Jones (D-Jacksonville) demonstrate bi-partisan support of a telemedicine bill.
The Florida Channel

If you can’t get to the doctor, it could become easier for the doctor to come to you. That’s the point of telemedicine, which connects physicians to patients through video conferencing.  A compromise worked out with various hospitals, and physician organizations has cleared the way for a telemedicine proposal to get through the legislature.

LHatter / WFSU News

Florida lawmakers appear ready to re-ignite talks on the future of telemedicine after it was extinguished. The issue of how to handle doctors who treat patients remotely was jumbled into a larger health-related bill, which contributed to its defeat last session.

Florida TaxWatch’s Tamara Demko says lawmakers need to pare down their goals for addressing telemedicine in the state.

Capital Report: 04-01-2014

Apr 1, 2014

After an information leak last year, lawmakers want a better way to decide who gets to access a state database tracking prescribing practices. Regan McCarthy reports some say law enforcement should need a warrant before looking at the list, but others say that’s a bitter pill to swallow.

Florida lawmakers have been weighing how to regulate telemedicine—generating debate between doctors’ groups and other healthcare providers. The House has been moving its telehealth proposal along, but as Lynn Hatter reports, the Senate version of the bill had its first hearing Tuesday.