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Several Florida groups are calling for a task force that will look at election reform in the state. They say it’s needed to improve Florida’s election process, so that the state can no longer be ridiculed for issues during this election as well as past elections.

Governor Rick Scott’s higher education panel is in its “brainstorming” phase. Recommendations for making the state’s colleges and universities more efficient are due to the Governor in the next few months.  At meeting in St. Petersburg Thursday, the group discussed the need for the state’s many higher education systems to be more organized and affordable.

A panel created by Governor Rick Scott to conduct a review of Florida’s public universities met for the first time Wednesday to start reviewing the university system’s governance model and the relationship between the Board of Governors and the universities.  Scott created the panel after vetoing a bill that would have let Florida State and the University of Florida charge higher tuition rates than the other state schools.

Governor Rick Scott has created a panel to examine Florida’s public universities.

The move comes after Scott vetoed a piece of legislation that would have allowed Florida State University and the University of Florida to charge higher tuition rates than other state universities. The measure also laid out a set of benchmarks for all schools to meet if they wanted the extra tuition authority.

The state’s university system saw its budget reduced by $300 million dollars this year, even as the state created a 12th public university.


State Senator Chris Smith says Florida’s Stand Your Ground law needs an overhaul, and, if the task force created by Governor Rick Scott doesn’t move on amending the statute, he says he will. Lynn Hatter reports on Monday Smith released the findings of his own task force – which would do away with key provisions of the law but stops short of recommending a full repeal.


Florida Governor Rick Scott is announcing a task force to look into the state’s “Stand Your Ground Law.” Regan McCarthy reports the task force is set to hold its first meeting in May. The formation of the task force comes after the shooting death of an unarmed teen back in February.

Governor Rick Scott is criticizing a decision by the Florida A&M University Board of Trustees to allow its hazing task force to meet in private. The Board approved a request by the task force to be designated as a “fact-finding” commission, which allows it to avoid Florida’s Sunshine Laws. Lynn Hatter reports.

When FAMU’s board of trustees approved the plan to allow the task force to meet in private, only two members voiced opposition to the move.

Florida A&M University has approved a plan changing the mission of its hazing task force. Lynn Hatter reports the change steers the committee away from its original task of delivering “best-practices” recommendations and also allows it to meet in private.

Under the new designation of a “fact-finding” mission, FAMU’s anti-hazing task force does not have to hold public meetings. University trustee Belinda Shannon says the change will allow the committee to meet as “expeditiously as possible.” But the move has its critics, like fellow trustee Rufus Montgomery.