Tallahassee Utilities

Deputy City Manager Reese Goad says starting Friday, utility customers will pay less for power, thanks to lower fuel prices.

Pine Trees in a Forest
Lars Hammar

Tallahassee officials want to install a new transmission line to connect three energy substations. They say that will help ensure growing areas of Tallahassee get the power they need. But the proposal is getting pushback from citizens who worry building the line means cutting down trees that are protecting their homes from highway noise.

Thomas Clzauskas

Tallahassee utility officials say the city’s trees need what they call “enhanced trimming” to help fight outages caused by squirrels and falling tree limbs. Rob McGarrah is the general manager of the city electric utility.

“Obviously the greater distance the trees are from the lines the less probability they’re going to contact the lines or fall on the lines. The tree distance is also a function of how much animal challenge we have because the squirrels use the trees to get on the lines,” McGarrah says.

Don Shall

The Tallahassee City Commission has voted to increase electric rates for businesses. Officials say the cost to provide electricity to the city’s businesses is not covered by the utility payments businesses make. Some business owners asked the city to consider reducing operating expenses instead of a rate hike, but Commissioner Nancy Miller says the utility is already keeping costs as low as it can.