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Millions of dollars in renovations are underway at the Tallahassee International Airport as more travelers are staying in town to catch their flights.

June’s passenger count was more than 12 percent higher than traffic a year ago. Airport leaders credit the city’s non-stop service to Washington, DC and the economy for the increase.

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Tallahassee has seen a string of pedestrian deaths and injuries, with one of the most recent incidents happening over the Memorial Day weekend. But these casualties don’t have to be as common as they are. WFSU sat down with a transportation engineer who has ideas on making city streets safer.

Tom Flanigan

Tallahassee marked “Take a Trip on Transit Day” by offering free rides on all StarMetro buses.  This comes at a time when the use of public transit, while still not as popular as personal vehicles, is slowly growing in Florida.

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Regional Leaders signed off on a list of transportation priorities Tuesday.

Tallahassee Firm Pedalling to Success

Aug 7, 2015

As Tallahassee’s downtown slowly revitalizes itself, a local family business is poised to take advantage of that increased activity.  That business is heading into its third year with big dreams for the future and is an enterprise that’s literally a father and son operation.

“This is Ron Goldstein with Capital City Pedicabs, the supreme commander of the fleet,” “And Mike Goldstein, Capital City Pedicabs’ creative services director.”

Fleet Commander Ron Goldstein said the idea for the business actually came from a trip ten years ago.