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Officials have set a hearing date for a Tallahassee woman who’s suing the city for excessive use of force. That date is set for May of 2015.

Police officers involved in two recent shootings of suspects have been cleared of wrongdoing by a Leon County grand jury.  State Attorney Willie Meggs says the officers followed the law and took the actions they felt were necessary to protect the public and themselves.

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After four officer-involved shootings within the past month, Tallahassee Police met with the community in the Griffin Heights neighborhood Thursday night. Attendees talked about trying to overcome mutual mistrust between law enforcement and the people. And they discussed potential solutions to the city’s sky-high crime rate.

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An early-morning incident today was the fourth time in a month Tallahassee police officers have shot suspects they were pursuing.  Tonight, the community is invited to discuss gun violence with TPD at a town hall.


The meeting starts at 6 p.m. at New Birth Tabernacle, 1200 Harlem St.—that’s near the intersection of West Tennessee Street and Stadium Drive.

Pastor Rudy Ferguson says he’s hosting it because he wants to ensure the African-American community partners with police to work on solutions.

Tallahassee Police Department

Tallahassee Police Chief Michael DeLeo hopes to submit his department’s policies to a thorough external review.  The proposed policy assessment follows a handful of high-profile scandals involving the department.

Police hope the City Commission approves nearly $75,000 to pay for a review by the Washington, D.C.-based Police Executive Research Forum.

TPD Administrative Services Bureau Director Greg Frost says the goal is to make sure the department’s policies align with national best practices.


A recent shooting at a local gas station is the latest in a string of violent crime that’s been plaguing the Tallahassee area, and the city’s newest police chief is weighing in.

It’s been five months since Michael DeLeo assumed his new role as head of Tallahassee's Police department. In that time, he says he’s continuing to meet with different groups and residents in the community. He says he’s also been keeping busy with evaluating the police department as it continues to transition.

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Florida state Rep. Dane Eagle (R-Cape Coral) was arrested early Monday morning in Tallahassee on suspicion of driving under the influence.

The Associated Press reports Rep. Eagle was spotted driving erratically around 1 a.m. on East Tennessee Street.  According to the probable cause report, Eagle's vehicle left a Taco Bell, nearly struck a curb and ran a red light.
In a statement, Eagle refuted the account.

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The Green Dot Money Card scam has made its way to Tallahassee. Police are investigating a new kind of scam that’s hard to trace using reloadable debit cards.

In just one day, at least ten people called to complain to the Tallahassee Police Department about a male lieutenant, who said he had a warrant for their arrest. The problem, TPD Spokesman David Northway says, is no sworn officers are known to have made such a call. And he adds they certainly wouldn’t tell people they could avoid arrest if they purchase a Green Dot Money Card.

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There’s a new Police Chief in town, and Michael DeLeo says there are several things he’s focused on as the new head of the Tallahassee Police Department. WFSU sat down with DeLeo to discuss his vision for the department and takes a look at the start of his journey in the Capitol city.

DeLeo's Swearing-In

Before the start of the New Year, Michael DeLeo was sworn in as Tallahassee’s newest Police Chief.

Tallahassee Police Department

Four Tallahassee Police Officers have been suspended following the results of an internal investigation into a violent DUI arrest in August.

The Tallahassee Police Department’s report says the officers who arrested Christina West complied with the Department’s use of force policies, as they existed at the time. But the report dinged the officers on several other fronts: including failing to get West medical attention, and improper documentation in the original police report on the incident.

How The Jameis Winston Case Will Define The Term 'Victim'

Dec 6, 2013
Stan Jastrzebski

The end of the investigation of Florida State University quarterback Jameis Winston this week shut the door on criminal charges but opened a discussion of how sexual assault is talked about.

UPDATE: TPD Releases Jameis Winston Investigation Reports

Dec 5, 2013
David July

Update 3:40 p.m.

Following  State Attorney Willie Meggs' news conference, Tim Jansen, the attorney for FSU quarterback Jameis Winston, says affidavits will show the encounter was consensual between him and the complainant. He adds Winston's behavior was a normal, collegiate "one-night stand."

As for the announcement regarding no charges to be filed against anyone in the sex assault investigation, Jansen says Winston gave him a hug and was happy with the decision, even taking an exam Thursday afternoon.

City of Tallahassee

Questionable judgment. Police Brutality. Favoritism and preferential treatment.

The  Tallahassee Police Department has faced those charges and others concerning how it handles cases. It's now facing an image crisis as it continues a sexual assault investigation involving Florida State University quarterback Jameis Winston, but questions about TPD's credibility have been circulating for years. 


The Tallahassee Police Department is pushing back against allegations it has mishandled a rape investigation involving Florida State University Quarterback Jameis Winston.

The incident happened in December 2012, but is just now coming to light—raising concerns about the way the police department has handled the case.

Tallahassee Police Chief Tom Coe says despite media reports, the case involving FSU’s Winston was never closed. That contradicts statements made by Winston's attorney Tim Jansen, who says he was told otherwise.

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This is a crucial week for the Tallahassee Police Department.  The process of picking a new chief is fully underway.  A man who used to hold down that job, has returned in the interim and is determined to turn over a clean operation.

Tallahassee City Manager Anita Favors Thompson put  Assistant City Manager Tom Coe back in charge of the police department when Darryl Jones took an early retirement in September.

TPD Tweaks Use-Of-Force Procedures

Oct 24, 2013
Tallahassee Police Department

Dash-cam video released in September shows TPD officers attempting to arrest Christina West, who’d been questioned for driving under the influence. During that arrest officers seriously injured West, prompting the department to suspend the two officers involved and take a closer look at arresting procedures. After Interim Chief Thomas Coe took over for Chief Dennis Jones – who resigned shortly after the incident came to light -- Coe issued a memo specifying officers should always try to talk problems down before using force.

Tallahassee police have identified a suspect in a series of car burglaries around the city, but they’re short on specifics about the woman or where she’s operating.

Tallahassee Police Department

A grand jury is set to decide next month if Tallahassee police used excessive force on a woman during an August DUI arrest. But, lawyers for the woman say the grand jury’s decision has no bearing on a potential civil suit against the city.

Criminal charges could be filed against the police officers who arrested Christina West, the intoxicated suspect who’s seen in dashboard camera video being pushed into a police car and to the ground, causing multiple broken bones. A Leon County grand jury of 20 people will decide whether the arresting officers were too violent with West.

Leon County Launches New Non-Emergency Phone Number

Sep 17, 2013
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Urban Tallahassee

In Leon County, there’s a new phone number to call when you need police but it’s not an emergency. The new number comes as Tallahassee Police and Fire and the Leon County Sheriffs Office consolidate their dispatch centers at one location.

For fires, car crashes and crimes in progress, call 911. But in situations without that urgency, the new number is 606-5800. Dispatch center co-director Billy Fair says the 911 system can get clogged with non-emergency calls.

Tallahassee Police Chief Resigns Amid Scandal

Sep 13, 2013
Tallahassee Police Department

After more than 35 years of service, Tallahassee Police Chief Dennis Jones is retiring. The announcement comes only days after officials released footage showing TPD officers using what some call excessive force when arresting an intoxicated suspect.

Dave Northway

The Tallahassee Police Department is internally investigating last month’s arrest resulting in a woman’s broken eye socket bone. The department says it’s “very concerned” about her injuries.

The two arresting officers in the video are on paid administrative leave as Tallahassee Police Chief Dennis Jones conducts the investigation.  But on Wednesday, TPD spokesman Dave Northway said there’s no word on whether the officers will be disciplined or the department will change its procedures for handling those it arrests.

Tallahassee Police Department website

District Two State Attorney Willie Meggs is voicing concerns about how Tallahassee Police officers handled the arrest of an intoxicated woman last month.

Leon County Sheriff's Office

Law enforcement officials have apprehended a wanted felon after he escaped from a Georgia jail on Monday.  

32 year old Demetrius Walden escaped from the Colquitt County Jail on Monday, about 70 miles north east of Leon County. Walden was in custody for violating his probation and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon. Walden escaped on Monday while on a jail work detail.

Tallahassee Woman Embezzles From Non-Profit

Jan 9, 2013

A Tallahassee woman has been charged with grand theft from a local non profit housing community.

Tallahassee Police said for nearly a year Latangee Hart the former property manager at the Maryland Oaks Mobile Home Park, stole 11 thousand 4 hundred and forty dollars.  Jenny Anderson, a resident of the housing community, called the news devastating.

“For you to steal from people who take everything pretty much what they got to pay, to put a roof over their kids heads, you’re low, you’re low, and you don’t deserve to even be around here,” Anderson said.

DEA Holds Bi-Annual Prescription Drug Take Back

Sep 28, 2012

The Federal Drug Enforcement Agency is holding its bi-annual prescription drug take back day this weekend. The program is aiming to keep spent drugs out of the wrong hands.

In an effort to cut down on the misuse and abuse of prescription drugs, the Federal Drug Enforcement Agency is holding a Prescription Drug Take Back Day. According to the DEA prescription drugs are abused more than heroin, hallucinogens, and cocaine, combined.