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The overall crime rate is down for the Tallahassee and Leon County area. While they still have work to do, the head of two local law enforcement agencies say they’re making a lot of headway.

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Leon County and Tallahassee law enforcement agencies have called their North Florida state and local law partners for backup.

Tom Flanigan

Leon County Commissioner Bill Proctor has revealed his plan for combating violent crime in his district.  He's demanding Florida’s Governor and Tallahassee’s Mayor take steps to solve the problem.

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The Leon County Commission wants to hold a public workshop on the uptick of local crime later this fall. The announcement comes after the capital county logged the highest crime rate in the state for the third year running. The Florida Department of Law Enforcement analysis shows the bump is largely due to an increase in property theft. Commissioner John Dailey wants to understand the trend and reverse it.

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Leon County Sheriff Walt McNeil said his office is partnering with community members to reduce crime. He says his office will also focus on quality of life issues.

Tallahassee Police Chief Michael DeLeo
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Tallahassee Police Chief Michael DeLeo’s leadership of the city’s police department drew criticism and praise from residents at an open forum Tuesday. DeLeo said he likes to hold forums to build relationships with community members.

Online Crime Mapping Might Need An Upgrade

Jun 22, 2015
Several law enforcement agencies are offering online crime mapping.
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Citizens can use online crime mapping to locate 15 different types of crime in Leon County. The tool is offered by several law enforcement agencies. But, departments have the information on different websites rather than all in one place.

Mayor Andrew Gillum (center) with City Commissioner Nancy Miller (left), City Manager Anita Favors-Thompson (right) and City Commissioner Curis Richardson (far left), Leon Sheriff mike Wood and Deputy Police Chief Darrell Furuseth talk crime in Tallahasse
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City of Tallahassee leaders are unveiling Operation Safe Neighborhoods, a summer initiative to curb gun violence in the city. The move comes after three shootings this past weekend left one man dead and two minors injured.