Duresny Nemorin / WFSU News

Have you noticed a lot of orange cones along the road this summer? That’s because the city of Tallahassee plans its road construction projects after the departure of college students who leave on summer break and with the end of the Legislative Session. But officials aren’t changing their plans for the special session starting in June.

StarMetro bus rolling along the parade path during Springtime Tallahassee
Andy Callahan via Flickr

Teenagers have a lot of free time on their hands over the summer, but for those without wheels it can feel like being grounded.  Tallahassee’s StarMetro bus service has a plan to help them beat the cabin fever.

Without a car, getting from point A to point B in Tallahassee can be a challenge no matter what time of year it is.  When the mercury climbs into the 90s, it becomes even more difficult.  That’s why, city spokeswoman Heather Teter says, StarMetro is offering a multi-month pass to help kids 17 and under get around town during the summer.