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City of Tallahassee

Tallahassee City Commissioner Nancy Miller has been elected for a second term. Miller took about 69 percent of the vote in her race against third-time local candidate Steve Stewart.

While celebrating with supporters at Andrew’s Downtown restaurant Tuesday evening, Miller reflected on what she learned during her reelection campaign. She says critiques from opponent Steve Stewart made her realize she and the rest of the Commission haven’t done enough to publicize efforts including ethics reform undertaken this year.

City Commission Seat Three Race To Be Decided Tuesday

Aug 25, 2014
Steve Stewart Campaign/City of Tallahassee

One of the local races Tuesday’s primary will decide is the City Commission seat currently held by Nancy Miller. Miller’s Seat Three challenger, Steve Stewart, has been critical of her focus on economic development and the downtown area.

Candidates for the Tallahassee City Commission Seat Three race discuss the issues.  Incumbent Nancy Miller and challenger Steve Stewart talk about public safety, community redevelopment and how proceeds from the city’s electric utility are used.

Maddox Wins City Commission Seat

Nov 7, 2012
LHatter / WFSU

Former Tallahassee Mayor Democrat Scott Maddox is returning to local politics after beating his Republican rival for an open city commission seat. The race was supposed to be non-partisan, but not only did party affiliation play a major role, the  race also got personal and at times, downright nasty.

Scott Maddox And Steve Stewart Attack The Attack Ads

Oct 26, 2012
Thomas-Andrew Gustafson

At a news conference Friday, Tallahassee City Commission candidate Scott Maddox attacked recent third party attack ads calling him a racist. The attack ad was based on his membership in a Southern Fraternity: the Kappa Alpha Order.  A committee called Citizens for a Better Tallahassee paid for the ad, but it’s unknown who is financially backing the committee. The committee has not disclosed any of its contributions or expenditures.

The race for the Leon County Commission Seat one has been heated from the start. Scott Maddox filed an ethics complaint against Steve Stewart that was later dropped, and both sides have accused the other of dirty politics. And in a joint appearance on WFSU’s Perspectives Program Thursday, the two carried on their political sparring match, with Maddox making the first dig:

The often contentious Tallahassee City Commission Seat One contest between Scott Maddox and Steve Stewart results in some angry exchanges during this Perspectives. Still, both candidates find some time to compare and contrast their approach to the challenges facing city government.


The race for Tallahassee City Commission Seat One heated up today (Tuesday).  Tom Flanigan reports the issue involved a campaign brochure, a political T-V ad and a ruling by the Florida Elections Commission.

The brochure promoting candidate Steve Stewart had a photo of him with Leon School Superintendent Jackie Pons.  Stewart opponent Scott Maddox cried “foul”.

Even though it showed the school superintendent’s picture with him on there and had a quote from Jackie Pons on the mail piece, he certainly wanted to give the inference that he was endorsed.”


Steve Stewart and Scott Maddox are heading into a runoff in November. The two are vying for the hotly-contested City Commission One seat, being vacated by outgoing Commissioner Mark Mustian. The race has gotten even more contentious in the last few weeks with both candidates accusing the other of playing dirty.

It’s the most crowded local race in the upcoming August 14th primary. Six candidates are in the running for Tallahassee City Commission Seat One and five of them: Daniel Parker, Dalaitre Hollinger, Steve Stewart, Scott Maddox and Bob Fulford, discuss the big issues facing the Capital City. Eric Friall was unable to be part of this conversation.