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State workers are in for a raise after Governor Rick Scott approved a sweeping measure earlier this week.  But the pay bump comes with a tradeoff.

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The phrase that may best describe the Capital City’s private sector mood nowadays is “cautious optimism”. 

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Dozens of state workers from Tallahassee and Northwest Florida got awards Wednesday for making government more efficient. Florida Gov. Rick Scott gave the keynote speech at the 25th annual Prudential-Davis Productivity Awards.

The government efficiency awards are co-sponsored by the state and nonprofit government watchdog group Florida TaxWatch.

TaxWatch President and CEO Dominic Calabro said, “'Government productivity' is not an oxymoron, and you folks prove it."

State workers may soon get their first pay raise in more than six years. Both House and Senate budgets include funding for the salary increases. The House version of plan gives state employees about $1,400, and some are hoping the Senate may top that.

Democratic Senator Bill Montford’s district is full of state workers. He represents the Capital City and surrounding counties. He’s been pushing for raises for state workers for years, and says the House’s $1,400 figure is a good start.

Hundreds of government workers rallied in Tallahassee to protest what they call a war on the middle class.  James Call reports members of the labor union representing state county and city employees roamed the halls of the state Capitol to talk to lawmakers about policies they say favor the wealthy at the expense of working people.