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Florida school district officials are writing thousands of new exams to administer to students this school year. The effort to create end-of-course tests in subjects not evaluated at the state level, is causing more parents, and local education officials to call for a time out on testing.

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The Florida Board of Education’s new budget request promotes Governor Rick Scott’s pledge for record funding of K-12 public schools. If it’s approved by the legislature this Spring, the $17.5 billion request would one for the record books.

Scott has made education funding a priority for the past two years, a reversal from his first year in office when the legislature approved a $1.3 billion cut to public schools. The money has been steadily increasing since then. Now Scott is campaigning on even more money for education.

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Public education in Florida is heading toward a cliff.

School districts are bracing for a big drop in grades this year, after results from the state’s FCAT and end-of-course exams showed stagnation in key areas of reading and math.

“We’re finding lower-than-expected outcomes that are beyond that which are due to the more challenging writing and science standards.. We’re finding unexplained and large drops in learning gains estimates in our 2013 grades,"  said Hillsboro County School Superintendent Mary Ellen Elia during Tuesday's State Board of Education meeting.

The Florida Board of Education heard from Governor Rick Scott Monday on his ideas for shaping the future of the state’s public schools. The board also had an opportunity to bring its concerns to the governor, including a controversial plan of setting student achievement goals based on race.