specialty license plates

Ronald Reagan Centennial Foundation

There are more than 120 specialty license plates in Florida, and some Florida lawmakers are hoping to add several more to that list. It includes a “President Ronald Reagan” license plate that will also go toward helping fight the disease he had in the latter years of his life.


A new law will now expand the eligibility of those who want to have a Gold Star License plate. The aim is to allow more members of the family to recognize their loved one who died in combat. 

Governor Rick Scott’s recent veto of a bill that would have provided more funds for Florida’s native wildflowers and other plants has left several people stunned. Calling it a fee increase, he vetoed upping the price for a specialty license plate that was voluntary for Floridians. And, fans of the flora say the 10 dollar increase was to put the license plate on par with most of the other specialty license plates in Florida.

A bill raising the cost of Florida’s wildflower specialty license plates recently got Governor Rick Scott’s veto. But, fans of the flora say they may be back again next year.

In his veto letter, Governor Scott said although buying a specialty plate is voluntary, Floridians who want to demonstrate their support for the state’s natural beauty should “not be subjected to the cost increases sought by the bill.” But, that caught Lobbyist Susan Goldstein with the Florida Wildlife Foundation by surprise.

“We were stunned that it was vetoed,” said Goldstein.