Southern Shakespeare Festival

Southern Shakespeare Company

Tallahassee's first family has set up a foundation to help the Capital City's junior Shakespeare company. The idea is to make the program available to a wider spectrum of young people.

Southern Shakespeare Festival

The Southern Shakespeare Festival returns to Tallahassee’s Cascades Park May 10-13. As has become a festival tradition, the “main event” will feature a unique twist on a Shakespeare classic.

Tallahassee’s Southern Shakespeare Company kicks off a new year of performances this week. The first show features a famous artist who is bringing to the stage his unique and personal take on a Shakespeare classic.

Tallahassee’s cavalcade of springtime celebrations continues this coming weekend. The Southern Shakespeare Festival returns with a new twist on the Bard’s works.

Festival Artistic Director Lanny Thomas said last year’s inaugural event was such a blow-out success, there was no way it wouldn’t be back for a second year encore.

“Year one went so well and the feeling was so good that it was like, ‘It has to be; it HAS to be!’ So I really had good predictions about it coming back this year again,” he said.

Southern Shakespeare Festival

Last year’s revival of the Southern Shakespeare Festival in Tallahassee far exceeded organizers’ expectations. Now the event is being ramped up with a kickoff happening the end of this month (January). Southern Shakespeare Festival Executive Director Laura Johnson is still smiling over how well everything went for last year’s festival.

“We hoped, but did not and could not have expected, the kind of community support and outpouring of support that we got last year. Obviously we took that and that was the impetus for us to move forward,” she said.